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Our Services

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Our experienced team offer solutions for all aspects of the internal treatment of wastewater.

Our services include:

  • Supply and installation of technical equipment for various tasks in water treatment and sewage treatment-plant.
  • Planning, delivery and installation of equipment and components used for treatment of well, rain and surface water.
  • Planning, delivery and installation of equipment and components for the treatment and recycling of plant wastewater.
  • Modernisation and upgrading of existing sewage systems to the applicable requirements of current and future environmental regulation.
  • Advice and support to architects and engineers in technical and administrative issues when implementing internal measures for wastewater treatment and water reclaiming.
  • Analysis of the current situation at existing industrial sites, evaluation of the existing environment and creation of rehabilitation concepts for the industrial sites.
  • Engineering requirements regarding new developments and creation of a concept that integrates all aspects of internal wastewater treatment in accordance to current environmental regulation.

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  • Self Service Washing
  • Self Service Washing

With the lack of drinking-water resources and rising water prices there’s increasing influence on the competitiveness of production locations.  This along with heightened environmental regulations makes the treatment of operational effluents an even more important issue for business today.

For over a decade our equipment and solutions have been recognised as the most dependable and cost-effective across a number of industry sectors/applications.

Our knowledge and dedicated understanding of waste water treatment reflects not only in our time-tested sector solutions but also in our ability to develop tailor-made solutions that answer your specific individual requirements.

Challenge us to find a solution for you and realise the potential of water reuse of your operational water both economically and environmentally.

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  • Self Service Washing
  • Self Service Washing

Plant locations that have grown and developed over a number of years pose issues due to fragmenting or completely missing, the documentation of waste-water and drainage systems. If the building fabric of the plant has to be adjusted to conform to current environmental regulations the costs involved can seriously endanger the profitability of a location, meaning you may have to start afresh.

Technical requirements, existing buildings and company requirements are often in conflict with environmental regulations and the economical feasibility of the site. The search for a solution offer means settling on incomplete systems that only recognise part of your needs and is impracticable for your business. Our solution recognises and satisfies all the aspects required because we understand and have knowledge of their interdependence.

Don’t put up with incomplete solutions, get the full solution with Wasserschmidt Water Recycling Systems from Columbus UK.   

Tap in to our years of experience to find a renovation solution where the existing buildings and fabric, the operational requirements, technical possibilities and environmental aspects are balanced to yield a solution that can preserve your location for years to come we:

  • Collect, evaluate and document your existing constructional environment.
  • Evaluate your production processes in respect of environmental relevance
  • Develop a concept in cooperation with regulators to plan and complete your project.
  • We work with the providers of your choice and support you at every step so you can keep control of the costs.

If you’d like to talk to our existing customers just let us know. Our initial visit and assessment is FREE so get in touch today.  

The Columbus UK Payment Plan is tailored to your individual business needs and means you can acquire your water recycling equipment now, and pay for it over time.  Thereby enabling your business to access the equipment you need now, keeping pace with the demands of the market, legislation, customers and competitors without significant capital outlay (which also helps your cash flow)!   You can also make timely upgrades, often without increasing your repayment amount, so realising new benefits immediately, a huge plus.  At the end of the agreement you can either return the equipment, continue to use it for one off fee, or take advantage of the Systems Change Option to make an upgrade.

  • Funding is 100% allowable against tax
  • Your other lines of credit will not be affected so you can

  dedicate your existing funding sources to other projects

  • Payments are fixed throughout the duration of the agreement

  and are not subject to fluctuation in interest rates

  • Credit approval within 48 hours