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With environmental conservation now at the forefront of technology, it was only a matter of time before waste water discharge was called into question.

Columbus UK specialize in 4 major areas of waste water solutions:

  • Car Wash Facilities

  • Haulage & Transport

  • Oily Waste Water

  • Construction Equipment

Our systems are proven in reducing waste water by up to 95%, they also will assist in Avoiding waste water discharge penalties, with systems being tailored to each individual facility

The Wasserschmidt system has the capacity to use truck-wash chemicals through system, making it ideal for operators of commercial vehicle wash systems, the systems also uses a method of ultra violet treatment, guaranteeing no odors due to the absence of chemicals, with a 100% guarantee, and it is also ideal for dealing with high volumes of mud, clay and soil, all of which will clog up and shut down any other system by comparison.

The Wasserschmidt water recycling system is recognized by both the German and British governments as the most stable, reliable and durable system of its kind anywhere in the world. The system comes with a 100% guarantee of performance with absolutely no risk technical errors or internal failures.

As a member of the Water technology list our system benefits from the Enhanced capital allowance scheme to ensure a cost effective solution to waste water discharge.

When a company enquires about the Wasserschmidt water recycling system, Columbus UK provide a free consultation and site survey. Columbus UK will not offer a system unless there is no doubt that the Wasserschmidt system will be of benefit to the client, we guarantee that if an offer is proposed the system will work!

Columbus UK will be exhibiting our German built Wasserschmidt water recycling systems at this years commercial vehicle show in Birmingham, which runs from April 24th-26th, We will be demonstrating and discussing how the Wasserschmidt water recycling system can:

  • Reduce waste water discharge penalties
  • Benefit your company with qualifying you for Enhanced Capital relief ensuring excellent tax relief!
  • How Columbus UK can  provide a free consultation and site survey.


We will be exhibiting in: 

The workshop area
Hall 4
Stand 4E114


There is still time to book your tickets to the commercial vehicles show down in Birmingham, of which myself and Columbus UK will be exhibiting the Wasserschmidt water recycling system.

To claim your 100% free tickets to the show, please visit: