Which Scrubber Dryer is Right for You?

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Which Scrubber Dryer is right for you?

The Floor Scrubber Dryer is currently acknowledged as one of the most common and practical machines to be Columbus UK, our Scrubber Dryers are always packing the power needed to remove dust, grease or dirt from your industrial or commercial floors.  If that was not enough, our scrubber dryers also have the capability to combat stains that were once considered impossible to remove by traditional cleaning methods, ensuring your business meets the highest hygiene standards.

At present, our Scrubber Dryer range comes in many different shapes, sizes, applications, and power, all of which however are user-friendly and easy to maintain.  From our compact CTM Flick Pedestrian Scrubber Dryer to the also compact CTM Pico 66 Ride-On, our Scrubber Dryer easily can combat the toughest of challenges whilst halving working time or more!

If you need a Scrubber Dryer but feel unsure of which is best for your needs, you have come to the right place.


Do you require a piece of equipment that will enable you to clean the floors of supermarkets, factories or warehouses for example?  If so, our range of Pedestrian Scrubber Dryers are deemed to be market leaders.  Offering exceptional results, the Pedestrian Scrubber Dryer’s we offer are of the highest industrial quality, Ideal for noise-sensitive areas that require cleaning during the working day, pedestrian (walk behind) scrubber dryers are also quieter, ensuring standard machinery noise levels are reduced, preventing any disturbances in the working environment.


Do you need a machine that can clean large areas? 

Designed specifically to cover large facilities and operate for longer lengths of time, all of our ride on Scrubber Dryers feature exceptional maneuverability and longer operation times.  Easy to use and operate at the touch of a button, the Ride-On’s compact design ensures that even confined areas are accessible and left glistening.

Whether you have an internal team of cleaning staff, or outsource, hiring or owning a Scrubber Dryer will help reduce the time your teams spend on cleaning and drying floors around the workplace, providing them with more time to tackle other tasks.

We understand that quite often the cost of cleaning machinery prevents businesses from purchasing.  As a result, we launched our hire and financing services.  Regardless of whether you need a machine for a short or long time frame, we have a full range of products available to suit every industry, budget and facility.  We also provide free site surveys and free on-site training to anyone hiring or purchasing our equipment, to guarantee that you are confident to use the machinery and you have peace of mind that the equipment you are receiving is the correct machine for the job.

If you have any further questions, our team are always happy to help.  Contact us today via email or telephone, or please feel free to use our “contact us” form and we will be in touch shortly

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