Protecting Your Pressure Washer this Winter

Protecting your pressure washer

When the prospect of winter looms on the horizon is time to take action to make sure that the machinery we rely on is stored properly and will be ready for use when the better weather arrives (although sometimes it can seem as if it never will!). We always make sure our car is winter ready, checking the anti-freeze level, making sure the tyres can cope with the ice and snow etc., and we should ensure that our cleaning equipment is cared for including the pressure washer.

The main problem for a pressure washer in winter is freezing temperatures. When water freezes it increases in volume by 9%+ which means that any pipe or hose containing water residue will probably crack meaning new parts will be required, or in the worst case, it could mean a new machine. It is worth noting that a warranty on a new machine will most likely not cover winter damage, so it is worth following a few simple steps to ensure that your pressure washer emerges in the spring ready for action, as there will be a lot to do!

A few simple steps to protect your pressure washer from the cold

1. The first thing to do is to get all the water out of the machine, by running it until no more water comes out, so making sure there is no water in the machine, although some residue may still be left behind. See step 4.

2. For additional protection, running an anti-freeze solution through the washer which can be collected in a suitable receptacle and reused will make sure there is better protection against freezing.

3. Disconnect all the attachments on the washer like the lance and hose. Ensure that any water that may be trapped is drained off.

4. To make sure all the water is removed from the body of the machine, turn it on without any attachments and move it from side to side for about 10-15 seconds. This should make sure there is no water left in the machine.

5. Storing the pressure washer in a protected environment should help keep it frost-free, but if it is a static machine used for a regular clean-up it is not always possible. It is best to ensure that this type of pressure washer is installed in an insulated cabinet with a frost thermostat which prevents it from freezing up (but don’t forget to keep it plugged in!).

Following these steps should protect your pressure washer over the winter and prevent any nasty surprises in the spring. It is good practice as well to keep your pressure washer well maintained, as you would with any machinery, so regular servicing is a worthwhile investment to keep your washer operating at its optimum.

Pressure washer servicing

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