Using steam cleaners is quickly becoming the future of industrial sterilizing and sanitizing.

The use of steam cleaners offer several key benefits over conventional, more traditional cleaning methods such as chemical, these benefits include:

 Steam cleaning is Eco-friendly, no chemicals are involved.
 The heat will disinfect or sanitize all surfaces
 Steam eradicates bacteria and cleans in one application
 Steam evaporates quickly, so surfaces dry much quicker
 Enables the cleaning of the most difficult to clean areas

Our range of industrial steam cleaning machines is ideal in areas where the presence of bacteria and other harmful pathogens present a health hazard, such as the food industry and industrial kitchens, hotels and other areas with high volumes of traffic.

Our Range of industrial steam cleaning systems are proven to eradicate 99-100% of all know Bacteria, Viruses and Fungi and can be found on our website:


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